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Nurtured Movement Pilates Practice at home

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Please read over this post before beginning your Pilates practice at home

Welcome to Nurtured Movement. The following tips are to help you develop a safe and effective Pilates Mat practice.

Always listen to your body and move with the intention to both stretch and strengthen during each session.


Double up your yoga mat, or use on carpeted surface.

Have a light meal before moving your body- avoid eating anything heavy right before a session.

Wear earbuds or turn up the volume on the device to be sure you hear the instructor.

Pilates is meant to build upon each session.

During a home Pilates session you will be learning to use new muscles that may feel different than those you use in an equipment class.

Take breaks when needed. Stop a movement when the instructor is introducing something new and watch before you try it yourself. Don't worry, there will be multiple reps and a repeat of the exercises throughout each session.

Plan your workouts: Schedule your ONLINE Stretch and Strengthen Pilates Session in advance and login a few minutes before class to be ready to go!

Can't attend live? Don't worry, with a membership to our ONLINE CLASS MEMBERSHIP you have unlimited live and pre-recorded sessions available to do anytime.

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