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The Nurtured Movement Way

Move well. Be well.

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Pilates Sessions

Group & Private Pilates sessions with certified Pilates Instructors are available in our boutique studio setting offering you the opportunity to move with intention, to nurture

your body, mind and spirit.

Workshops & Coaching

Are you seeking guidance with your fitness and wellness routine? Join the Nurtured Movement!

Our founder, Michele Fulkerson, NCPT is now offering Nurtured Movement Coaching sessions & Workshops which are designed to lead you toward your

optimum healthy lifestyle!

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Pilates Teacher Training

Early Registration for 2024 Happening Now!


Michele Fulkerson, NCPT has been training Pilates teachers since 2011 has worked with studios and students in the US, Japan, Europe, Canada and Australia, developing training programs that meet the standards for certification internationally and domestically.



  • Deepen your own practice

  • Teach full or part-time

  • Add this to your current healing practice as a PT, Massage Therapist, Psychologist or Medical Practitioner

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